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Headquarter: ( Heilongjiang Factory )
Daqing Wutai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: Daqing High Technology
Industrial Zone,Daqing City,
Heilongjiang Province, China
Tel : 0086- 455-7567666
Fax: 0086- 455-7567666
E-mail : sales@wutaichem.com
Website : www.wutaichem.com

Shanghai R&D Center (Shanghai Office) :
Shanghai Haiheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
Add: 3/F, Building 6, No.1258, Xinzhu
Road, Minhang District,
Shanghai, China
Tel : 0086-21-64986432
Fax: 0086-21-54945068
E-mail : sales@wutaichem.com
Website : www.wutaichem.com

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